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Our Story

We started in the fall of 2010 and introduced our first collection in 2012 at a trade show in Melbourne. Since then we've been making premium handmade furniture to order.

Our Collection

Our collection is inspired by natural basics and comes in variety of woods and with a variety of upholsteries. All of our materials come from local sources where possible.

Home Essentials

We've designed the perfect array of home essentials. We know because we use them every day.

The Tradesmen Sofa

We've created the perfect sofa from an array of local materials and sources. It's comfortable, durable and tasteful.

All of our sofas are made to order and take approximately six weeks to make. If you're nervous about sizing or want to make a custom tweak, we're happy to come to you.

The Heritage Collection

Our newest collection draws on the heritage of vintage furniture makers to create furniture that speaks to tradition with a contemporary feel.